Check out these free music apps! If you find a new one that you like, tell Mr. P and he'll add it to the list!
Classical Guitar: Free part of the Six Strings app. Easy to use, great sound. Best of the many free guitar apps we have seen by far.

Mandala HangDrum: Cool steel drum type of instrument. Can create many different octaves. Good for some basic composing!

GrooveMaker: Simple loop machine.

Beatwave: Simple visualizer. Very cool. Create loops using your finger and pressing dots.

Aweditorium: Awesome "browser" for music. Has thousands of pictures on screen. Click a picture and goes to band. Great way to explore new music.

Ear Trainer Lite: Theory ear trainer. Does intervals in game/quiz format.

JamPad: Simple piano. Can create drum backgrounds and chordal backgrounds.

NLog Synthesizer Free: Simple synthesizer. Students use to create horn sounds they cant find on other apps.

BarrelTones: Best drum app we have found. Great response. AND you cna play along with recordings.

SoundHound: A very cool music recognition app. Play any song and it will tell you its name. Thousands of real radio stations. Want to know whats playing in Istanbul? Or miss your college radio station?
NPR Music: The coolest and hippest. Greatly improved interface. They spend a lot of money recording and searching for the great music.

LoopJ: Loop dance machine. Use fingers to move between loops and beats.